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IHackLabs, aprende de los mejores

Introducción Recientemente he probado «IHackLabs», una plataforma de aprendizaje, laboratorios y certificaciones para estudiantes y profesionales. Me he reunido con Diana y Carlos, la gente detrás de esta idea, en «Sh3llCON2017 Congreso de Seguridad». Todo el trabajo en torno a los laboratorios están destinados a reproducir los ejercicios del mundo

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XSS Challenges

Here’s my journal to solve all the XSS Challenges writed  by yamagata21 on, This is an starter level to people who want to learn some cross-site scripting and its several ways to inject on differents browsers. XSS Challenges Stage1: Solution: <script>alert(document.domain);</script> Stage2: Solution: «><script>alert( alert(document.domain))</script> Stage3: Solution: The input in text box

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NotSoSecure SQLi CTF – writeup

Access to challenge using a proxy like burp or zap and submit data to login. Notice the forwarded to: that contains: 7365637265745f72656769737465722e68746d6c This could be decoded ‘7365637265745f72656769737465722e68746d6c’.decode(‘hex’) in python to read secret_register.html >>> '7365637265745f72656769737465722e68746d6c'.decode('hex') 'secret_register.html' The registration page offers four fields that, when you register, create some session_id encoded

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29C3 CTF: Node writeup

This 29C3 from Chaos Computer Club hackers. We participate as dcua team, awesome people trying the best effort for the challenges.  Nice job! Node Points: 200 Solves: 18 Description Node.js is smart, fast, easy and secure… Don’t you think so too? Hint: google and other sites always look at one file before

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CTF Mini Zombie Business (+100pt) write-up

We got to make some business with our zombie in There’s a zombie image and at first look we get some data encoded on it. <form/name="a"/data-a="Fcabdux ehiktgmaj:nopylqrsvf_wz(&quot;){}.?L="></form> <div/id="&#x61;"></div>//id="a" <img/src="zomb.png"/onclick="dafuq()"/> There is a <script> tag with several unescape functions and after convert it from url-encode and unicode text we get:


OWASP 2012 Online Competition

Para los que queráis ‘hackear’ en un entorno seguro y legal, Hacking-Lab ha promovido a través de su patrocinador OWASP un nuevo wargame con la posibilidad de ganar algún premio, como la asistencia a las AppSec USA y AppSEC Latam 2012. Personalmente me gustan este tipo de ‘challenges’, ya que despiertan en